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Things to consider for renting of Bucharest Apartments


agentie-imobiliara-1Things to consider for renting of Bucharest Apartments

Do you need to rent an apartment in Bucharest? If yes, then there are certain things to consider before you start searching for the perfect location.

Bucharest has a very large offer of apartments from very cheap ones to luxury penthouses and duplex apartments. In order to “navigate” this large diversity you need the help of a real estate agency. For most agencies, working with foreigners is highly lucrative  so expect excellent treatment.

Important aspects to take into consideration when renting an apartment

One of Bucharest’s big problems is rush hour traffic (mornings and in the afternoon). In order to alleviate this problem you should find out in advance, if possible, where you will spent most of the time. Then figure out what is the maximum amount of time you wish to spend on the road each morning and let the real estate agent offer you some solutions.

In general, most large companies and multinationals have offices either in the center of the city, either in the northern area. Also, the best apartments  with the best facilities are also located in the center and northern area. As a general rule, if you work in the center, you will want an apartment situated in the center and if you work in the northern part, you will want an apartment situated in the northern area. The worst aspect of rush hour traffic is the time it takes to reach a different area of the city (to go from north to center for example).

Renting of apartments in the center of Bucharest

If your workplace will be in the center of the city, than you can consider yourself lucky. Most of the time, it takes less than 30 minutes to travel between any two points in the center, and most of the time traffic is not a very big issue. Also, Bucharest has an excellent subway  transportation system. It is very fast and civilized. If your points of interest are near to subway stations, than it will most likely be the fastest transportation system available (faster than car).

Renting of apartments in the northern part of Bucharest

If you will work in the northern area, then things are a little more difficult. The northern area of Bucharest is a recently developed one, there is no subway available and the only transportation available will be your car. The road infrastructure is also less developed than in the center and rush hour traffic is a real problem. For this you will need to rent an apartment significantly closer to your place of interest. If working in the northern part of Bucharest it is not advisable to rent an apartment anywhere else in the city.

Renting of apartments in the rest of Bucharest

Except the center and northern part, the rest of Bucharest is mainly composed of large residential areas. Because of this there will be fewer luxury apartments offered but a lot more of mid to high 2-3-4 room apartments in residential complexes. If price is an important issue, then here you must search.

Because of the very large offer, you have a very good chance to find a very nice apartment at a low price. However, be prepared to browse through a lot of offers before finding out the apartment that suits you best.

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